Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage rhinestone penguin pin broochmid century jewelry, topaz yellow glass with a ruby red eye on pale gold tone



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Vintage penguin broochpenguin penguin broochpin penguin broochbrooch penguin broochcovered penguin broochin penguin broochtopaz penguin broochyellow penguin broochrhinestones penguin broochwith penguin broocha penguin broochteeny penguin broochred penguin broocheye. penguin broochExcellent penguin broochcondition, penguin broochno penguin broochflaws. penguin broochSuper penguin broochadorable. penguin broochMeasures penguin brooch1.75" penguin broochtall.Ships penguin broochin penguin broocha penguin broochgift penguin broochbox.I penguin broochcombine penguin broochshipping penguin broochon penguin broochmultiple penguin

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