Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s vintage green 3 strand lucite necklacelucite necklace, juicy glowy collar choker



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1960s 60s vintagevintage 60s vintage3 60s vintagestrand 60s vintagelucite 60s vintagenecklace. 60s vintageThe 60s vintagegreen 60s vintageis 60s vintageso 60s vintagemuch 60s vintagebetter 60s vintagein 60s vintageperson. 60s vintageIt 60s vintagehas 60s vintagea 60s vintageglowy, 60s vintagejuicy 60s vintagehue 60s vintageI 60s vintagecouldn't 60s vintagecapture. 60s vintageSubtly 60s vintagewhite 60s vintage"marbling" 60s vintagein 60s vintagethe 60s vintagebeads 60s vintageadds 60s vintagedepth. 60s vintageNote 60s vintagethe 60s vintagebeads 60s vintagedo 60s vintagenot 60s vintageactually 60s vintageglow, 60s vintagebut 60s vintagethey 60s vintagesure 60s vintagelook 60s vintagelike 60s vintagethey 60s vintageshould. 60s vintageExcellent 60s vintagecondition, 60s vintageno 60s vintageflaws. 60s vintageMeasures 60s vintage16.5".Ships 60s vintagein 60s vintagea 60s vintagegift 60s vintagebox.I 60s vintagecombine 60s vintageshipping 60s vintageon 60s vintagemultiple 60s

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