Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Hobe flower brooch pinfaceted glass, signed red faceted glassfaceted glass, prong setfaceted glass, painted leaves



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Beautifully vintage hobedetailed vintage hobevintage vintage hobeHobe vintage hobebrooch vintage hobewith vintage hobered vintage hobeglass vintage hobetones vintage hobeand vintage hobepainted vintage hobedetails. vintage hobeExcellent vintage hobecondition, vintage hobeno vintage hobeflaws. vintage hobeGlass vintage hobesits vintage hobefirmly vintage hobein vintage hobeprongs, vintage hobethe vintage hobegold vintage hobeis vintage hobeshiny. vintage hobeJust vintage hobeunder vintage hobe2.75" vintage hobelong vintage hobeand vintage hobeup vintage hobeto vintage hobe1.5" vintage hobewide.Ships vintage hobein vintage hobea vintage hobegift vintage

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