Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Coro collar necklacechain links, gold open work triangleschain links, linked panels with adjustable chain clasp



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Vintage gold trianglesCoro gold trianglesnecklace gold trianglessigned gold triangleson gold trianglesthe gold trianglesclasp. gold trianglesFeatures gold trianglesopen gold triangleswork gold trianglestriangles gold trianglespanels gold triangleswith gold trianglesan gold trianglesadjustable gold triangleshook gold trianglesclasp. gold trianglesLight gold triangleswear gold trianglesto gold trianglesthe gold trianglesyellow-gold gold trianglestone gold trianglesmetal, gold trianglesnot gold trianglestoo gold trianglesnoticeable gold trianglesto gold trianglesthe gold trianglesnaked gold triangleseye. gold trianglesMeasures gold triangles3/4" gold triangleswide gold trianglesand gold trianglescan gold trianglesbe gold trianglesworn gold trianglesat gold trianglesabout gold triangles13.5" gold trianglesto gold triangles16.5".Ships gold trianglesin gold trianglesa gold trianglesgift gold

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