Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage brutalist statement collar necklaceabstract necklace, mixed metals with stone or glass focalabstract necklace, adjustable links



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Large statement necklacevintage statement necklacestatement statement necklacenecklace statement necklacein statement necklacea statement necklacebrutalist statement necklacestyle. statement necklaceMixed statement necklacemetals statement necklacewith statement necklacea statement necklaceglass statement necklaceor statement necklacestone statement necklace(agate) statement necklacecenter. statement necklaceExcellent statement necklacecondition statement necklacewith statement necklaceno statement necklaceissues statement necklaceto statement necklacenote. statement necklaceThe statement necklacefocal statement necklacearea statement necklacemeasures statement necklaceup statement necklaceto statement necklace6" statement necklacewide statement necklaceand statement necklace5" statement necklacetall, statement necklacethe statement necklacenecklace statement necklacefits statement necklaceup statement necklaceto statement necklaceabout statement necklace21"

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