Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pair of shiny gold metal enamel vintage bangle braceletsbright gold, marked Japanbright gold, orange and blue



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Pair mod jewelryof mod jewelryvintage mod jewelrygold mod jewelrytone mod jewelrymetal mod jewelrybangles, mod jewelryeach mod jewelrystamped mod jewelryJAPAN mod jewelryon mod jewelrythe mod jewelryinside. mod jewelryThey mod jewelryare mod jewelryin mod jewelryoverall mod jewelrygreat mod jewelrycondition mod jewelrybut mod jewelryunder mod jewelrya mod jewelrymacro mod jewelrylens mod jewelryI mod jewelrycould mod jewelrysee mod jewelrysome mod jewelryareas mod jewelryof mod jewelryenamel mod jewelrychipping. mod jewelryEach mod jewelryhas mod jewelrythe mod jewelrystandard mod jewelry2.5 mod jewelryopening. mod jewelryThe mod jewelryblue mod jewelryone mod jewelryhas mod jewelryalmost mod jewelrya mod jewelry1/2" mod jewelrywall, mod jewelrythe mod jewelryorange mod jewelryone mod jewelryis mod jewelry1/4". mod jewelryYou mod jewelryget mod jewelrythem mod jewelryboth!Ships mod jewelryin mod jewelrya mod jewelrygift mod jewelrybox. mod jewelryI mod jewelrycombine mod jewelryshipping mod jewelryon mod jewelrymultiple mod

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