Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage dragonfly broochbrass and silver, mixed metals with kinetic moving tail



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Quirky silver dragonflyand silver dragonflycool silver dragonflyvintage silver dragonflydragonfly silver dragonflybrooch. silver dragonflyIt silver dragonflyis silver dragonflymade silver dragonflyof silver dragonflymixed silver dragonflymetals silver dragonflywith silver dragonflya silver dragonflywee silver dragonflyfaux silver dragonflypearl silver dragonflycab silver dragonflyand silver dragonflya silver dragonflyslightly silver dragonflybigger silver dragonflypurple silver dragonflystone silver dragonflyon silver dragonflythe silver dragonflywings. silver dragonflyThe silver dragonflytail silver dragonflyis silver dragonflya silver dragonflybeaded silver dragonflystrand silver dragonflythat silver dragonflysways silver dragonflyas silver dragonflyyou silver dragonflymove. silver dragonflyUnsigned. silver dragonflyMeasures silver dragonfly3.5" silver dragonflyincluding silver dragonflythe silver dragonflytail, silver dragonflyand silver dragonflyabout silver dragonfly1.75" silver dragonflynot silver dragonflyincluding silver dragonflythe silver dragonflytail. silver dragonflyExcellent silver dragonflycondition, silver dragonflyno silver dragonflyflaws.Ships silver dragonflyin silver dragonflya silver dragonflygift silver dragonflybox.I silver dragonflycombine silver dragonflyshipping silver dragonflyon silver dragonflymultiple silver

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