Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage celluloid rhinestone clip on earringsart deco style, lavender & white carved moonsart deco style, Featherliteart deco style, Featherweightart deco style, Bubbleite



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Vintage carved moonsbutton/disk carved moonsshape carved moonsclip carved moonson carved moonsearrings carved moonsmade carved moonsof carved moonsBubbleite carved moonswith carved moonsclear carved moonsrhinestones. carved moonsBubbleite carved moonsis carved moonsan carved moonsearly carved moonsplastic carved moonsthat carved moonswas carved moonsmade carved moonsto carved moonslook carved moonslike carved moonscelluloid, carved moonsbut carved moonsis carved moonsa carved moonslighter carved moonsmaterial carved moonsand carved moonsdoesn't carved moonsyellow carved moonswith carved moonsage. carved moonsThe carved moonsearrings carved moonsare carved moonsin carved moonsexcellent carved moonscondition, carved moonsno carved moonsissues. carved moonsThey carved moonsmeasure carved moons1". carved moonsShips carved moonsin carved moonsa carved moonsgift carved moonsbox.I carved moonscombine carved moonsshipping carved moonson carved moonsmultiple carved

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