Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ginkgo leaf jewelry, Forged bronze ginkgo leaf pendant on an 18 inch chain



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These ginkgoleaves ginkgobegin ginkgowith ginkgoa ginkgoflat ginkgosheet ginkgoof ginkgobronze ginkgocut ginkgoin ginkgothe ginkgoshape ginkgoof ginkgoa ginkgoleaf ginkgoand ginkgostem. ginkgo ginkgoI ginkgothen ginkgotexture ginkgoand ginkgoforge ginkgothem ginkgointo ginkgoa ginkgoginkgo ginkgoleaf ginkgoform ginkgowith ginkgothe ginkgostem ginkgotwisting ginkgointo ginkgoa ginkgoloop. ginkgo ginkgoThis ginkgoparticular ginkgoleaf ginkgomeasures ginkgoa ginkgolittle ginkgoover ginkgo1.25 ginkgoinches ginkgolong ginkgoand ginkgohangs ginkgofrom ginkgoan ginkgo18 ginkgoinch ginkgochain.

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