Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

charm, Like Two Peas in a Pod Green Stone and Vintage Leaf Charm Necklace



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This vintagesweet vintagepea vintageof vintagea vintagenecklace vintagefeatures vintagea vintagegreen vintagestone vintageand vintagea vintagevintage vintageleaf vintagecharm vintagesuspended vintagefrom vintagea vintagegold-filled vintagechain. vintageThe vintagechain vintagemeasures vintage18", vintagebut vintageis vintageavailable vintagein vintage16" vintagelengths vintageupon vintagerequest. vintagePlease vintagenote vintagethat vintagethere vintagemay vintagebe vintagesome vintagecolor vintagevariations vintageamong vintagethe vintagegreen vintagestones, vintageso vintageyours vintagemay vintagediffer vintageslightly vintagefrom vintagethe vintageimage.

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