Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cameo brooches, set of 2 vintage cameo brooch pins



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Set woman silhouetteof woman silhouette2 woman silhouettevintage woman silhouettecameo woman silhouettebrooches. woman silhouetteBoth woman silhouetteare woman silhouetteexcellent woman silhouettecondition woman silhouettewith woman silhouetteno woman silhouetteflaws woman silhouetteto woman silhouettenote. woman silhouetteThe woman silhouettesmaller woman silhouetteone woman silhouetteis woman silhouette1" woman silhouettex woman silhouette1.25" woman silhouetteand woman silhouettehas woman silhouettean woman silhouetteunusual woman silhouetteface. woman silhouetteThe woman silhouettelarger woman silhouetteone woman silhouetteis woman silhouettejust woman silhouetteover woman silhouette1" woman silhouettewide woman silhouettex woman silhouette1.5" woman silhouettetall.Ships woman silhouettein woman silhouettea woman silhouettegift woman silhouettebox.I woman silhouettecombine woman silhouetteshipping woman silhouetteon woman silhouettemultiple woman

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