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christmas brooch, vintage Gerrys little angel Christmas pin brooch with a poinsettia flower



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Vintage poinsettia flowerGerrys poinsettia flowerlittle poinsettia flowerangel poinsettia flowerChristmas poinsettia flowerpin poinsettia flowerbrooch poinsettia flowerwith poinsettia flowera poinsettia flowerpoinsettia poinsettia flowerflower. poinsettia flowerThe poinsettia flowerangel poinsettia flowerhas poinsettia flowerclear poinsettia flowerrhinestone poinsettia flowereyes. poinsettia flowerSigned poinsettia floweron poinsettia flowerthe poinsettia flowerback poinsettia flowerthough poinsettia flowerit poinsettia flowerhard poinsettia flowerto poinsettia flowerread. poinsettia flowerExcellent poinsettia flowercondition, poinsettia flowerno poinsettia flowerflaws. poinsettia flowerMeasures poinsettia flower1.5" poinsettia flowertall poinsettia flowerx poinsettia flower1" poinsettia flowerwide.Ships poinsettia flowerin poinsettia flowera poinsettia flowergifr poinsettia flowerbox.I poinsettia flowercombine poinsettia flowershipping poinsettia floweron poinsettia flowermultiple poinsettia

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