Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage bow and arrow pin broochcostume jewelry, clear rhinestones



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Cute clear rhinestoneslittle clear rhinestonesvintage clear rhinestonesbow clear rhinestonesand clear rhinestonesarrow clear rhinestonespin clear rhinestoneswith clear rhinestonesclear clear rhinestonesrhinestones clear rhinestoneson clear rhinestonessilver-tone clear rhinestonesmetal. clear rhinestonesExcellent clear rhinestonescondition, clear rhinestonesstones clear rhinestonesand clear rhinestonesmetal clear rhinestonesare clear rhinestonesclear clear rhinestonesand clear rhinestonesbright.Measures clear rhinestones2" clear rhinestoneslong.Ships clear rhinestonesin clear rhinestonesa clear rhinestonesgift clear rhinestonesbox.I clear rhinestonescombine clear rhinestonesshipping clear rhinestoneson clear rhinestonesmultiple clear

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