Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hippie necklace, sale vintage boho seed and shell chip bead necklace in natural brown tones



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Vintage natural jewelrybead natural jewelrychip natural jewelrynecklace natural jewelrymade natural jewelryof natural jewelrya natural jewelryshell natural jewelryand natural jewelryseeds natural jewelryin natural jewelrynatural natural jewelrybrown natural jewelrytones natural jewelrywith natural jewelrysilver natural jewelryspacers. natural jewelryThe natural jewelrynecklaces natural jewelrymeasures natural jewelry17.5" natural jewelrylong. natural jewelryCloses natural jewelrywith natural jewelrya natural jewelrybarrel natural jewelryclasp. natural jewelryExcellent natural jewelrycondition, natural jewelryno natural jewelryflaws natural jewelryto natural jewelrynote.Ships natural jewelryin natural jewelrya natural jewelrygift natural jewelrybox.I natural jewelrycombine natural jewelryshipping natural jewelryon natural jewelrymultiple natural jewelryitems.

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