Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage monogram initial pin broochantique jewelry, T or Lantique jewelry, gold filled Victorian or Edwardian



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Antique typography jewelryVictorian typography jewelryor typography jewelryEdwardian typography jewelryletter typography jewelrypin typography jewelryin typography jewelrybeautiful typography jewelrycursive typography jewelrywith typography jewelryetched typography jewelryfloral typography jewelrydetails. typography jewelryExcellent typography jewelrycondition, typography jewelryno typography jewelryflaws. typography jewelryC typography jewelryclasp typography jewelryworks typography jewelryfine- typography jewelrybar typography jewelrysits typography jewelryfirmly typography jewelryin typography jewelryit. typography jewelryMeasures typography jewelry1.75" typography jewelrytall typography jewelryx typography jewelry2" typography jewelrywide. typography jewelryNo typography jewelrymarkings typography jewelrythat typography jewelryI typography jewelrycould typography jewelryfind.Ships typography jewelryin typography jewelrya typography jewelrygift typography jewelrybox.I typography jewelrycombine typography jewelryshipping!

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