Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1960s Crown Trifari hinged bracelethinged bracelet, brushed silverhinged bracelet, notched and textured feather of fringe look



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1960s oval banglevintage oval bangleTrifari oval banglebracelet, oval banglestamped oval bangleon oval banglethe oval bangleinside. oval bangle(Crown oval bangleabove oval banglethe oval bangleT oval banglewith oval banglecopyright oval banglec oval bangleafter.) oval bangleHinged oval banglebracelet oval banglein oval banglean oval bangleoval oval bangleshape oval banglewith oval banglea oval bangletiny oval banglehook oval banglesafety oval bangleclasp. oval bangleBrushed oval banglesilver oval banglewith oval bangleshiny oval banglelines. oval bangleHas oval banglea oval banglefeather oval bangleor oval banglefringe oval banglelook, oval banglenotched oval bangleon oval bangleone oval bangleside. oval bangleExcellent oval banglecondition. oval bangleThe oval bangleonly oval bangleflaw oval bangleI oval banglecould oval banglefind oval banglewas oval banglea oval bangleteeny oval banglechip oval bangleto oval banglethe oval bangleplating oval bangleon oval banglethe oval banglesafety oval banglecatch- oval banglesee oval banglecloseup. oval bangleThe oval banglebracelet oval bangleis oval bangleotherwise oval banglepristine oval banglewith oval banglegreat oval banglecolor oval bangleand oval bangleso oval bangleclean oval bangleyou'd oval banglealmost oval banglethink oval bangleit oval banglewas oval banglenew. oval bangleBut oval bangleit's oval banglenot! oval bangleMeasures oval bangle1/2" oval banglewide, oval bangleinside oval bangleis oval bangleabout oval bangle2.25" oval banglex oval bangle1.75".Ships oval banglein oval banglea oval banglegift oval

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