Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage art deco flapper sautoir necklacebeaded necklace, long silver and sky blue glass seed beads



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Beautiful glass beadsart glass beadsdeco glass beadsflapper glass beadsera glass beadssautoir glass beadsnecklace glass beadsmade glass beadsof glass beadssilver glass beadsseed glass beadsbeads glass beadsand glass beadssky glass beadsblue glass beadsglass glass beadsbeads glass beadsthat glass beadslook glass beadshandmade. glass beadsExcellent glass beadscondition, glass beadsno glass beadsflaws. glass beadsHangs glass beads15" glass beads(30" glass beadsdoubled) glass beadswith glass beadsan glass beadsadditional glass beads4" glass beadsdrop.Ships glass beadsin glass beadsa glass beadsgift glass beadsbox.I glass beadscombine glass beadsshipping glass beadson glass beadsmultiple glass

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