Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage choker or collar necklacegift for her, bright yellow gold with mirror shiny finish



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Vintage yellow goldchoker yellow goldor yellow goldcollar yellow goldnecklace yellow goldin yellow golda yellow goldbright, yellow goldshiny yellow goldyellow yellow goldgold yellow goldfinish. yellow goldExcellent yellow goldcondition yellow goldwith yellow goldno yellow goldissues. yellow goldMeasures yellow goldabout yellow gold1" yellow goldwide yellow goldand yellow goldfits yellow goldup yellow goldto yellow gold14.25". yellow goldNot yellow golda yellow goldtypo, yellow goldthis yellow goldis yellow golda yellow goldlittle yellow goldshorter yellow goldthan yellow goldthese yellow goldnecklaces yellow goldusually yellow goldrun.Ships yellow goldin yellow golda yellow goldgift yellow

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