Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage boho brass necklacerustic necklace, Mary Ellen Stewartrustic necklace, rustic statement necklace



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Vintage me necklacenecklace me necklacemade me necklacemostly me necklaceof me necklacebrass me necklaceon me necklaceleather me necklacecord. me necklaceThe me necklacenecklace me necklacefeatures me necklacevery me necklacelarge me necklacepieces me necklaceof me necklacebrass me necklacefolded me necklaceover me necklacewith me necklacebeads me necklacebetween me necklacethem me necklaceand me necklacestacked me necklaceheishi me necklacestyle me necklacebrass me necklacewashers me necklacetoward me necklacethe me necklaceback. me necklaceThere me necklaceis me necklaceno me necklacetrue me necklace*underside* me necklaceto me necklacethe me necklacenecklace me necklaceand me necklaceyou me necklacecan me necklacehave me necklacethe me necklacebrass me necklacepieces me necklacepoint me necklacein me necklacewhichever me necklacedirection me necklaceyou me necklaceprefer. me necklaceBrass me necklacepieces me necklaceshow me necklacevarying me necklacepatina, me necklacesee me necklaceall me necklacephotos. me necklaceIt me necklaceis me necklaceraw, me necklaceuntreated me necklacebrass me necklacefor me necklacean me necklaceindustrial me necklaceboho me necklacelook. me necklaceMeasures me necklace23" me necklacelong. me necklaceEach me necklacebrass me necklacepiece me necklaceis me necklaceabout me necklace1.5" me necklacewide me necklaceand me necklace2.25" me necklacetall. me necklaceChunky!

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