Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Weiss clip on earringssigned jewelry, very sparkly AB glasssigned jewelry, faceted cut signed costume jewelry



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These signed weissare signed weissso signed weissincredibly signed weisssparkly, signed weissthey signed weisscapture signed weissthe signed weisslight signed weissat signed weissevery signed weissangle. signed weissPhotos signed weisscouldn't signed weissadequately signed weisscapture signed weissit. signed weissThree signed weisslayers signed weissof signed weissprong signed weissset signed weissAB signed weissglass signed weisson signed weissgold signed weisstone signed weissbacking. signed weissVery signed weisswell signed weissmade signed weissand signed weisssigned signed weissWeiss signed weisson signed weissthe signed weissback. signed weissExcellent signed weisscondition, signed weissno signed weissflaws. signed weissEach signed weissearring signed weissmeasures signed weiss1" signed weisstall signed weissand signed weiss3/4" signed weisswide.Ships signed weissin signed weissa signed weissgift signed weissbox.I signed weisscombine signed weissshipping signed weisson signed weissmultiple signed

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