Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1976 Commemorative Bicentennial Liberty Bell Pendantvintage 1976, silver tone with open work edgesvintage 1976, 70s jewelry



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1970s silver tonevintage silver toneLiberty silver toneBell silver tonependant silver toneto silver tonecommemorate silver tonethe silver tone1976 silver tonebicentennial. silver toneExcellent silver tonecondition, silver toneno silver toneissues. silver toneDoes silver tonenot silver tonecome silver tonewith silver tonea silver tonechain silver tonebut silver tonethe silver toneloop silver toneis silver tonebig silver toneenough silver toneyou silver tonecan silver toneslide silver tonea silver tonechain silver tonethru. silver tonePendant silver toneis silver tone2" silver tonewide.Ships silver tonein silver tonea silver tonegift silver

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