Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

quinceanera gift, Vintage 15-inch Hand Knotted Pearl Choker with Sterling and Marcasite Focal



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Sara pearlJewelry pearlDesign pearlVintage pearlVisions. pearlHere pearlis pearla pearlvintage pearlcreation pearlthat pearlsomeone pearlput pearla pearllot pearlof pearllove pearland pearlthought pearlinto. pearlThis pearlnecklace pearlis pearlcomposed pearlof pearl4mm pearlfreshwater pearlpearl pearlrounds, pearlhand pearlknotted pearland pearlterminating pearlin pearla pearlsterling pearlsilver pearllobster-claw pearlclasp. pearlAt pearlthe pearlcenter pearlof pearlthe pearldrop pearlis pearla pearlsterling pearlsilver pearlchevron pearlfocal, pearlset pearlwith pearltiny pearlmarcasites pearland pearlshowcasing pearla pearl9x7mm pearlpear pearlshaped pearlfreshwater pearlpearl pearldrop pearlwith pearla pearlsterling pearlsilver pearlcap. pearlBoth pearlthe pearlchevron pearlfocal pearland pearlthe pearllobster-claw pearlclasp pearlare pearlstamped pearl.925.Some pearldimensions: pearlThe pearloverall pearlnecklace pearlmeasures pearlapproximately pearl15 pearlinches. pearlThe pearlcenter pearlof pearlthe pearldrop pearlis pearlapproximately pearl1.25 pearlinches. pearlThe pearlmarcasites pearlare pearlroughly pearl1 pearlto pearl1.5mm pearlin pearldiameter, pearland pearlthe pearlclasp pearlmeasures pearl12x6mm.Sara pearlJewelry pearlDesign. pearlYour pearlDesire pearlis pearlOur pearlDesign.

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