Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pearls, Single Strand Vintage Pearls * Elegant Olde-Style Pearls ~ ( #7) Hollywood Era Pearl Necklace * Formal - Look Necklace



In stock



One jewelryLong jewelryStrand jewelryVintage jewelryPearl jewelryNecklace. jewelryNo jewelryClasp, jewelryone jewelrycontinuous jewelryStrand jewelryof jewelryPearls.Wear jewelrySingle jewelryor jewelrywrap jewelrytwice jewelryfor jewelrya jewelrydouble jewelrynecklace. jewelryLength jewelry23" jewelry.Dress jewelryup jewelrya jewelrypair jewelryof jewelryjeans jewelryor jewelrywear jewelrywith jewelrya jewelrylittle jewelryblack jewelrydress.Formal, jewelryProm jewelryor jewelrycostume jewelryparty jewelryor jewelrydinner. jewelryLayer jewelrymore jewelrythan jewelryone jewelrynecklace.

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