Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

message, Polka Dot Ring in Sterling Silver and Bronze



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These wordPolka wordDot wordsterling wordsilver wordand wordbronze wordrings wordare wordgreat wordfor wordstacking!Please wordallow word1 wordweek wordfor worddelivery. word word word word wordSterling wordsilver wordband word word word word5mm wordPolka wordDot wordin wordBronze word word word wordShiny wordfinishIf wordyou wordneed wordto wordfigure wordout wordyour wordring wordsize, wordconsider wordordering worda wordAdjustable wordFinger wordGauge wordbefore wordplacing wordyour wordorder. wordExchange wordPolicyAll wordsales wordare wordnon-refundable. wordI wordam wordhappy wordto wordaccept wordexchanges wordup wordto word10 worddays wordafter wordthe worddate wordof wordthe wordpurchase. wordIf wordthe wordpiece wordhas wordbeen wordworn, wordor wordis worddamaged, wordI wordwill wordnot wordbe wordable wordexchange wordthe wordpieces.

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