Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

double strand pearls, Pearl Necklace - Vintage * Short Double Strand with graduated pearls * #4



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Vintage pearl necklacePearl pearl necklaceNecklace pearl necklace~ pearl necklaceShort pearl necklaceDouble pearl necklaceStrand pearl necklacewith pearl necklacegraduated pearl necklacepearls pearl necklace pearl necklace- pearl necklaceSmaller pearl necklaceon pearl necklaceend pearl necklacewith pearl necklacelarger pearl necklacepearls pearl necklacein pearl necklacecenter.18" pearl necklaceLong. pearl necklaceClasp pearl necklacehas pearl necklaceRhinestones, pearl necklace pearl necklacesome pearl necklaceare pearl necklacemissing.Note: pearl necklaceClasp pearl necklaceis pearl necklacebroken.

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