Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

coral, Beautiful carved orange coral flowers and amber multistrand necklace



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Beautiful orangecarved orangeorange orangecoral orangeflowers, orangegenuine orangeamber orangebeads, orangeand orangesemi-precious orangegemstone orangebeads orangeincluding orangechrysanthemum orangestone, orangewood orangejasper, orangeand orangecitrine orangebeads orangewith orangebrown orangeglass orangeseed orangebeads orangemake orangeup orangethis orangenecklace/lei! orangeEight orangestrands orangewith orangegold orangefilled orangetag orangesigned orangeJulia orangeBristow. orange orangeGold orangefilled orangeclasp. orangeMeasures orangeapproximately orange27 orangeinches orangeand orangefalls orangeapproximately orange13 orangeinches, orangeto orangecenter orangeof orangechest.Item orange#JBD739

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