Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

teddy bear, German glass teddy bear necklace and earrings



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German germanglass germanteddy germanbear germannecklace germanand germanearringsApprox german40.5cm germanbeaded germanlength germanwithout germanextenderHallmark germanon germantag: germanRLNSome germanflea germanbites germanbut germanin germangood germancondition germanPrice germanfor germanpostage germanis germanindicative germanand germanonly germanactual germanshipping germanand germanpackaging germancosts germanwill germanbe germancharged. germanAny germanoverage germanwill germanbe germanrefunded. germanPostage germanwithin germanAustralia germanwill germanbe germanvia germanregistered germanpost.The germanpictures germanform germanpart germanof germanthis germanlisting.Customs germanand germanduties germanin germanthe germandestination germancountry germando germannot germanform germanpart germanof germanthe germanprice. germanThey germanare germanthe germanresponsibility germanof germanthe germanbuyer.

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