Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Wreath- hand embroidered necklacecheery, delicatecheery, floralcheery, cheerycheery, colorful



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This floralmight floralbe floralone floralof floralmy floralfavorites floralto floraldesign, floralit's floralmy floraltake floralon florala floralwreath floralwith floralsunflowers, floraldaisies, floraland florala florallarge floralwhite floralpoppy floralare floralhand floralembroidered floralon florala floralbright floralteal floralfabric floraland floralhang floralfrom floralan floralantique floralplated floralbrass floralchain. floralThe floralframe floralon floralthis floralpiece floralis floralvintage floralraw floralbrass, floralso floraleach floralwill floralbe florala floralbit floraldifferent floraland floralwill floralpatina floralover floraltime, floralthe floralbacking floralis floralraw floralbrass, floralas floralwell.Original floralDesign floralby floralRachel floralPruett floralof floralPoppy floraland floralFern. floralPlease floralDo floralNot floralCopy.Since floralthese floralnecklaces floralare floralhand floralembroidered, floraleach floralportrait floralis floralone floralof florala floralkind floraland floralmight floralslightly floraldiffer floralfrom floralthe floralphotographed floralnecklace.Pendant: floral1 floral3/8 floralinches floralin floraldiameter floraland floral1 floral5/8 floralinches floralwith floraltop floralloopChain floralLength: floral27 floralinches floral(default)Clasp: floralLobster

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