Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beaded, Vintage Silver Tone Round Bead Necklace



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This vintageis vintagea vintagevintage vintagesilver vintagetone vintageround vintagebead vintagenecklace. vintageIt vintagehas vintagea vintagenice vintageheft vintageto vintageit vintagewith vintageeach vintageof vintagethe vintagebeads vintagestrung vintageon vintagemetal vintagechain. vintageThe vintagenecklace vintageis vintagein vintagenice vintagecondition vintagewith vintageno vintagedamage vintageto vintagethe vintagebeads vintageand vintagethe vintagesilver vintagetone vintageplating vintageis vintagebright vintageand vintageintact. vintageThe vintagenecklace vintagemeasures vintage16"l. vintagebut vintageis vintageadjustable vintagedown vintageto vintageapprox. vintage13"l.

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