Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chain, Chain Ocean Jasper Brass pink



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Collier shortnecklace shortwith shorta shortwonderfully shorttextured shortjasper shortpendant shortwith shortgreat shortgrain. shortThe shortnecklace shortis shortmade shortof shortbeautiful shortlarge shortbrass shortlinks shortand shorthas shorta shortdown-to-earth shortand shortelegant shortvintage shortlook shortin shortthis shorttint.Dimensions:approx. short50 shortcm shortplus shortpendant shortlength short(medium shortcollier shortlength, shortthe shortpendant shortcan shortvary shortslightly shortdepending shorton shortthe shortstone, shortif shortnecessary shortrequest shortshortly; shortthe shortbeautiful shortlarge shortchain shortelements shortallow shorta shortflexible shortsupport shortlength shortand shorta shortmix shortin shortthe shortcurrent shortlayering shortstyle!)Please shortnote shortthat shortstones shortand shorttherefore shortgemstones shortare shortnatural shortmaterials shortand shorteach shortbrings shortwith shortit shortnatural shortself-will. shortThis shortis shortwhat shortmakes shortit shortbeautiful shortand shortunmistakable. shortEach shortpiece shortof shortjewellery shortis shorttherefore shortintentionally shortdifferent shortand shortindividual. shortPlease shortnote shortthat shortnatural shortmaterials shortmay shorthave shortsmall shortnatural shortirregularities shortthat shortdo shortnot shortrepresent shorterrors, shortbut shortcontribute shortto shortthe shorttypical shortvibrancy shortand shortdiversity shortof shortthe shortproduct shorttype.YOUR shortSTYLISH shortCHOICE shortFOR shortEVERY shortOCCASION******************************************

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