Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ABALONE with PEARLS NECKLACEabalone necklace, natural Mother of Pearlabalone necklace, antique gold pewter made in America



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This abalone necklacenecklace abalone necklacerepresents abalone necklacethe abalone necklacepearlescent abalone necklaceaspect abalone necklaceof abalone necklacethe abalone necklacerare abalone necklaceRed abalone necklaceAbalone abalone necklaceshell abalone necklaceand abalone necklacethe abalone necklaceclassic abalone necklacestyle abalone necklacelooks abalone necklaceelegant abalone necklaceon abalone necklacethe abalone necklaceneck. abalone necklaceElements abalone necklaceare abalone necklacecr\u00e8me abalone necklaceFreshwater abalone necklacepearls, abalone necklaceSwarovski abalone necklacecrystal abalone necklaceround abalone necklacepearls, abalone necklaceSwarovski abalone necklacecrystals, abalone necklacenatural abalone necklaceMother abalone necklaceof abalone necklacePearl, abalone necklaceCzech abalone necklacefaceted abalone necklaceglass abalone necklaceand abalone necklaceantique abalone necklacegold abalone necklacepewter abalone necklacemade abalone necklacein abalone necklacethe abalone necklaceUSA.Length abalone necklaceis abalone necklace17 abalone necklace3/4 abalone necklaceinches abalone necklace(43.8 abalone necklacecm)

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