Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Bezel Set Crystal Necklace and Earrings Setcrystal jewelry, Crystal Necklace Setcrystal jewelry, Bezel Set Crystal Earringscrystal jewelry, Crystal Bridal Necklace Setcrystal jewelry, Crystal Jewelry



In stock



This bridal jewelryis bridal jewelrya bridal jewelrybeautiful bridal jewelrysparkling bridal jewelrybezel bridal jewelryset bridal jewelrytranslucent bridal jewelryopen bridal jewelryback bridal jewelryfaceted bridal jewelrycrystal bridal jewelrynecklace bridal jewelrychain bridal jewelryand bridal jewelryfloral bridal jewelrypost bridal jewelry(pierced) bridal jewelryearrings bridal jewelryset.~ bridal jewelryMEASUREMENT: bridal jewelryTotal bridal jewelrylength bridal jewelry36" bridal jewelrylong. bridal jewelryEach bridal jewelrybezel bridal jewelryset bridal jewelryfaceted bridal jewelrycrystal bridal jewelryapproximately bridal jewelry3/8" bridal jewelry/ bridal jewelryEarrings bridal jewelry- bridal jewelry7/8" bridal jewelryacrossDone bridal jewelryin bridal jewelrya bridal jewelrygold bridal jewelryplated bridal jewelryfinish, bridal jewelrythis bridal jewelryset bridal jewelryfeatures bridal jewelrya bridal jewelrybeautiful bridal jewelryversatile bridal jewelrychain bridal jewelrywhich bridal jewelrycan bridal jewelrybe bridal jewelryworn bridal jewelryas bridal jewelrya bridal jewelrysingle bridal jewelrychain, bridal jewelryor bridal jewelrydoubled bridal jewelryand bridal jewelryworn bridal jewelryby bridal jewelryself bridal jewelryor bridal jewelrymixed bridal jewelrywith bridal jewelryother bridal jewelrychains. bridal jewelryThe bridal jewelrypost bridal jewelryearrings bridal jewelryfeature bridal jewelrya bridal jewelryflower bridal jewelrywith bridal jewelryindividual bridal jewelrybezel bridal jewelryset bridal jewelrycrystal bridal jewelrypetals bridal jewelryand bridal jewelrycrystal bridal jewelryrhinestone bridal jewelrycenter.This bridal jewelrychin bridal jewelrynecklace bridal jewelryhas bridal jewelrya bridal jewelryspring bridal jewelrya bridal jewelryclaspThis bridal jewelryelegant bridal jewelrynecklace bridal jewelryset bridal jewelrywill bridal jewelrybe bridal jewelryperfect bridal jewelryfor bridal jewelrycruise, bridal jewelryevening, bridal jewelryand bridal jewelrybridal bridal jewelrywedding bridal jewelryoccasions. bridal jewelry~ bridal jewelryCONDITION: bridal jewelryBeautiful bridal jewelryvintage bridal jewelrycondition bridal jewelry- bridal jewelryall bridal jewelrystones bridal jewelryshine bridal jewelrybright~ bridal jewelrySIGNED: bridal jewelryUnmarkedITEM bridal jewelry#850T718*** bridal jewelryBe bridal jewelrysure bridal jewelryto bridal jewelryview bridal jewelrymore bridal jewelryjewelry bridal jewelryand bridal jewelryaccessory bridal jewelryitems bridal jewelryat: bridal jewelrywww./shop/aplaceofdistinction*** bridal jewelryDon’t bridal jewelrymiss bridal jewelrymy bridal jewelryhome bridal jewelrydécor bridal jewelryshop bridal jewelryat: bridal jewelrywww./shop/chanteclairinteriors*** bridal jewelryView bridal jewelrymy bridal jewelryvintage bridal jewelrylinen bridal jewelryand bridal jewelrylace bridal jewelryitems bridal jewelryat: bridal jewelrywww./shop/thelaceemporium

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