Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Collier Opalsblue, Peridotblue, Citrine and Amethyst



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+Are greenyou greenlooking greenfor greenthe greenspecial greengift greenfor greenyourself greenor greensomeone greenyou greenwant greento greenmake greena greenspecial greenpleasure greenfor? greenWith greenthis greenbeautiful greennecklace greenin greenpastel greencolours, greenthey greenare greenready greenfor greenthe greensummer greenoutfit.Consisting greenof greenOpal, greenAndean greenOpal greenfac. greenBall greenapprox. green8 greenmm, greenperidot greenand greenamethyst greendrops greenapprox. green7 greenmm greenc green5 greenmm greenand greencitrine greenballs greenapprox. green6 greenmm, greenas greenwell greenas greengoded greenintermediate greenelements.A greentimeless greennecklace greenwith greenan greenS-hook greenclosure greenin greensterling greensilver greenplated.The greenlength greenis green45.5 greencm.

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