Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

St Christopher pendant: Traditional St Christopher religious pendant charmsaint christopher, lovely kitsch heart shapesaint christopher, on a hallmarked sterling silver chain



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A ikonlovely ikontraditional ikonSaint ikonChristopher ikoncharm ikonwhich ikonis ikonheart ikonshaped ikonwith ikona ikonpretty ikonfaceted ikonborder. ikon ikonThe ikoncharm ikonhas ikona ikonplain ikonback ikonwhich ikoncould ikonbe ikonengraved ikonwith ikona ikonname ikonor ikoninitials. ikon ikonThe ikoncharm ikonis ikonnot ikonsterling ikonsilver ikonbut ikonthe ikonchain ikonis ikonhallmarked ikonsterling ikonsilver. ikon ikonThe ikonchain ikonhas ikonhad ikona ikonlittle ikonmend ikon(see ikonpic ikon5) ikonbut ikonthis ikonis ikonreflected ikonin ikonthe ikonprice, ikonand ikonotherwise, ikonperfect ikonvintage ikoncondition.Chain: ikon26 ikoninches ikonlong ikonat ikonfull ikonlength, ikonunfastenedPendant: ikon0.8 ikoninches ikonlong ikonincluding ikonbailFREE ikonSHIPPING ikonto ikonmost ikonof ikonthe ikonworld!+\u00a35 ikonflat ikonshipping ikonfee ikonto ikonUSA, ikonNZ ikonand ikonAustralia(all ikonother ikondestinations ikonfree)UK ikonorders ikonover ikon\u00a310 ikontracked ikonas ikonstandardInternational ikonorders ikonover ikon\u00a330 ikontracked ikonas ikonstandardFor ikonall ikonother ikonorders ikonadd ikontracking ikonfor ikona ikonflat ikonrate ikonof ikon+\u00a36 ikonworldwide

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