Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stylish earrings, Silver earrings. ALALIA. Author jewelry.



In stock



ALALIA artistic jewelryearrings. artistic jewelryLeaf-shaped artistic jewelryearrings.Made artistic jewelryof artistic jewelry925 artistic jewelrysterling artistic jewelrysilver.Approximate artistic jewelrydimensions: artistic jewelry3.5 artistic jewelryx artistic jewelry1.5 artistic jewelrycm./ artistic jewelrypiece.Handcrafted artistic jewelrywith artistic jewelrylost artistic jewelrywax artistic jewelrycasting.The artistic jewelryALALIA artistic jewelrycollection artistic jewelrybelongs artistic jewelryto artistic jewelrythe artistic jewelrygroup artistic jewelryof artistic jewelry"Little artistic jewelrySculptures", artistic jewelryas artistic jewelrythey artistic jewelryare artistic jewelrysculptures artistic jewelryto artistic jewelryshow artistic jewelryoff artistic jewelryon artistic jewelrythe artistic jewelryskin. artistic jewelryIt artistic jewelryis artistic jewelryclearly artistic jewelryinspired artistic jewelryby artistic jewelrynature, artistic jewelryshaped artistic jewelrylike artistic jewelrywell-defined artistic jewelrywild artistic jewelryleaves, artistic jewelrysculpted artistic jewelryin artistic jewelrywax artistic jewelryand artistic jewelrymelted artistic jewelryin artistic jewelrysilver. artistic jewelryTheir artistic jewelrydimensions artistic jewelryand artistic jewelrythe artistic jewelrylight artistic jewelrythey artistic jewelryreflect artistic jewelrywill artistic jewelrynot artistic jewelrylet artistic jewelrythem artistic jewelrygo artistic jewelryunnoticed...For artistic jewelryany artistic jewelryquestions artistic jewelrydo artistic jewelrynot artistic jewelryhesitate artistic jewelryto artistic jewelrycontact artistic jewelryme, artistic jewelryI artistic jewelrywill artistic jewelrybe artistic jewelryhappy artistic jewelryto artistic jewelryassist artistic jewelryyou.

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