Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Pendant silver stone ethnic jewelry natural quartz shantilight solo



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Ethnic claw settingpendant claw settingmade claw settingup claw settingof claw settingstone claw settingraw claw settingand claw settingnatural claw settingwhite claw settingcolor claw settingflower claw settingcalled claw settingsolo claw settingquartz.Indian claw settingjewelry, claw settingsilver claw settingjewelry, claw settingcrimping claw settingclaw claw settingsetting claw settingthe claw settingstone claw settingin claw settingvalue.height: claw setting5.5 claw settingcmwidth: claw setting3 claw settingcmShantilight

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