Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, ANTIQUE Natural Baltic amber Silver Cuff Bracelet VINTAGE Butterscotch Egg Yolk Bernstein



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HAIRLOOM silverMUSEUM silverQUALITY silverHANDCRAFTED silverVintage silverSilver silverCuff silverBraceletVERY silverRARE silverONE silverOF silverA silverKIND silver!OLD silver& silverCOLLECTIBLE silverGENUINE silverNATURAL silverBALTIC silverAMBER silverButterscotch silverEgg silveryolkTHE silverAMBER silverIS silverNATURAL silver- silverIT silverHAS silverNOT silverBEEN silverTREATED silverIN silverANY silverWAY silver!100% silverauthenticity silverguaranteed silver!stamped:(3) silverfor silversilver silver800 silvermade silverin silverWarsawBracelet silvermade silverbetween silverthe silveryears silver: silver1963 silver- silver1986 silverA silverunique silverpiece silverof silverhistory silver!size silverof silveramber silver: silver3,1 silvercm silver/ silver2,1 silvercmBraceletdiameter: silver58mmweight: silver56,3 silvergr

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