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polymer clay, Blue Portal Cuff Bracelet



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"Blue cuff braceletPortal cuff braceletCuff cuff braceletBracelet" cuff braceletis cuff braceletcrafted cuff braceletfrom cuff braceleta cuff braceletpalette cuff braceletof cuff braceletdozens cuff braceletof cuff braceletcolors cuff braceletof cuff braceletpolymer cuff braceletclay, cuff braceletblended cuff braceletand cuff braceletlayered cuff braceletfor cuff braceletdimensionality cuff braceletand cuff braceletcontrast, cuff braceletto cuff braceletproduce cuff braceleta cuff braceletvibrant cuff braceletnatural cuff braceletrainbow cuff braceletof cuff braceletcolor cuff braceletthat cuff braceletexcites cuff braceletthe cuff braceleteyes.No cuff braceletpaint cuff braceletis cuff braceletapplied. cuff braceletEach cuff braceletpiece cuff braceletis cuff braceletgiven cuff braceleta cuff braceletdistinctive cuff braceletname, cuff braceletand cuff braceletthis cuff braceletone cuff braceletis cuff braceletpart cuff braceletof cuff braceletmy cuff braceletseries cuff braceletentitled cuff bracelet"Deep cuff braceletSky cuff braceletObjects", cuff braceletwhich cuff braceletreflect cuff braceletmy cuff braceletinterpretation cuff braceletof cuff braceletastonomical cuff braceletobjects cuff braceletbeyond cuff braceletour cuff braceletsolar cuff braceletsystem.Dimensions: cuff bracelet1.5" cuff braceletby cuff bracelet2" cuff braceletoval cuff braceletpolymer cuff braceletclay cuff braceletdisc cuff braceleton cuff bracelet3/4 cuff bracelet" cuff braceletwide cuff braceletmetal cuff braceletcuff cuff braceletband cuff bracelet(2.5" cuff braceletinside cuff braceletwidth)

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