Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bulk order, Arrow Charm With Ruby SDC-1645 (38x9mm) in Silver Diamond



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Sterling bulk orderSilver bulk orderDiamond bulk orderArrow bulk orderCharm bulk orderWith bulk orderRuby bulk orderESDC-1645\r\rMetal bulk order\u2013 bulk order925 bulk orderSterling bulk orderSilver bulk orderTwo bulk orderTone bulk orderFinish\r\rDiamond bulk orderwt: bulk order0.380 bulk orderct\r\rGross bulk orderwt: bulk order1.720 bulk ordergm\r\rLength bulk order: bulk order38mm\r\rWidth bulk order: bulk order9mm\r\rAll bulk orderweight bulk orderand bulk orderdimensions bulk orderare bulk orderapproximate. bulk orderIt bulk ordervaries bulk ordereverytime bulk orderwe bulk orderproduce bulk orderit.\r\rSku: bulk order|SDC-1645|

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