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baltic amber, VINTAGE BALTIC AMBER Silver 800 Pendant Necklace



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VINTAGE baltic amberSILVER baltic amber800 baltic amberBALTIC baltic amberAMBER baltic amberPENDANT baltic amberNECKLACEONE baltic amberOF baltic amberA baltic amberKIND baltic amber!stamped:(3) baltic amberfor baltic ambersilver baltic amber800 baltic amber(AW) baltic ambermakers baltic ambermarkNecklace baltic ambermade baltic amberbetween baltic amberthe baltic amberyears baltic amber: baltic amber1963 baltic amber- baltic amber1986 baltic amberMeasurements:Pendant: baltic amber4 baltic ambercm baltic amber/ baltic amber2.7 baltic ambercmWeight: baltic amber13.2grFull baltic amberlength: baltic amber35 baltic ambercm baltic amber(pendant baltic amber+ baltic amberchain)

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