Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

genuine amber, Antique NATURAL BALTIC AMBER Vintage Necklace Pendant Handcrafted Bernstein



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HEIRLOOM genuine amberMUSEUM genuine amberQUALITYVERY genuine amberRARE genuine amberONE genuine amberOF genuine amberA genuine amberKIND genuine amber!ANTIQUE genuine amberNATURAL genuine amberBALTIC genuine amberAMBER genuine amberVINTAGE genuine amberHANDCRAFTED genuine amberPENDANT genuine amberNECKLACEOLD genuine amberAND genuine amberCOLLECTABLE genuine amberTHE genuine amberAMBER genuine amberIS genuine amberNATURAL genuine amber- genuine amberIT genuine amberHAS genuine amberNOT genuine amberBEEN genuine amberTREATED genuine amberIN genuine amberANY genuine amberWAYOnly genuine amberNatural genuine amberGenuine genuine amberBaltic genuine amberAmber genuine amberhas genuine amberunique genuine amberhealing genuine amberproperties100% genuine amberauthenticity genuine amberguaranteedA genuine amberunique genuine amberpiece genuine amberof genuine amberhistoryHallmarked: genuine amberSilver genuine amber800 genuine amberMeasurements:pendant: genuine amber6.5 genuine ambercm genuine amber/ genuine amber3.1 genuine ambercmamber genuine amberstone: genuine amber3.8 genuine ambercm genuine amber/ genuine amber2.3 genuine ambercmnecklace genuine amberlength: genuine amber38cmweight: genuine amber34gr

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