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sterling silver, Sterling Silver Chinese Pottery Shard Ring Goa India Kathmandu Nepal



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Pirate chinabooty! chinaThis chinasterling chinasilver china(92.5%) chinaring chinais chinamade chinafrom chinaan chinaantique chinaChinese chinapottery chinashard chinawhich chinaI chinafound chinaon chinathe chinabeach chinain chinaGoa chinaIndia. chinaThey chinawash chinaup chinafrom chinashipwrecks chinaoff chinathe chinashore chinabecause chinaChinese chinapottery chinawas chinaone chinaof chinathe chinamain chinacargoes chinafor chinaships chinatrading chinaalong chinathe chinacoast chinaof chinaIndia chinafor chinaalmost china2 chinathousand chinayears. chinaThis chinapiece chinacould chinabe china100 chinayears chinaold china- chinaor chinacould chinabe china1000 chinayears chinaold. chinaI chinadesigned chinait china& chinait chinais chinamade chinaby chinatraditional chinasilversmiths chinain chinaKathmandu chinaNepal. chinaIt chinais china2.5 chinacentimeters chinafrom chinatop chinato chinabottom china& china1.5 chinacentimeters chinawide chinaat chinathe chinawidest chinapoint.The chinasize chinais china6.5A chinagreat chinagift chinafor chinaanyone chinawho chinaloves chinanature, chinathe chinasea, chinaunusual chinajewelry, chinablue china& chinawhite chinapottery, chinapirates china& chinamermaids.All chinaproceeds chinafrom chinathese chinarings china& chinapendants chinawill chinago chinato chinahelp chinasurvivors chinaof chinathe chinaNepal chinaearthquakes*

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