Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage, Haitian Ceramic | One of a Kind | Necklace 17.75"



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Haitian neutral necklaceartisans neutral necklacemade neutral necklacethese neutral necklacebeautiful neutral necklaceceramic neutral necklacebeads neutral necklacethat neutral necklaceI neutral necklacepaired neutral necklacewith neutral necklacevintage neutral necklacewood, neutral necklacesmall neutral necklacefeldspars, neutral necklaceand neutral necklacea neutral necklacesprinkle neutral necklaceof neutral necklacehorn neutral necklaceand neutral necklacebone!This neutral necklaceis neutral necklacetruly neutral necklacea neutral necklaceunique neutral necklacepiece!17.75", neutral necklaceSterling neutral necklaceSilver neutral necklaceClasp, neutral necklaceOne neutral necklaceof neutral necklacea neutral necklaceKind

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