Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage ceramic, Vintage Ceramic Macrame Bead | C-lon Necklace 14.5" | One of a Kind



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I hippie necklacehave hippie necklacea hippie necklacebrilliant hippie necklacestash hippie necklaceof hippie necklaceceramic hippie necklacebeads hippie necklacethat hippie necklacewere hippie necklacemade hippie necklacefor hippie necklaceincorporating hippie necklaceinto hippie necklacemacrame hippie necklacedesigns hippie necklacefrom hippie necklaceabout hippie necklace30-40 hippie necklaceyears hippie necklaceago. hippie necklaceThey hippie necklacemake hippie necklaceme hippie necklacevery hippie necklacehappy!This hippie necklaceone hippie necklaceis hippie necklacespeckled hippie necklacewith hippie necklacebeiges hippie necklaceand hippie necklacepinks hippie necklaceon hippie necklacea hippie necklaceblue hippie necklacec-lon hippie necklace(cotton/nylon) hippie necklacecord.14.5", hippie necklaceSterling hippie necklaceSilver hippie necklaceClasp, hippie necklaceOne hippie necklaceof hippie necklacea hippie necklaceKind

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