Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handcrafted, Beaded Spiral Earrings Oxidized Solid Copper with Oval Aurora Borealis Glass Bead



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These original designsimple original designbut original designelegant original designearrings original designare original designso original designflattering! original designEntirely original designhandcrafted original designof original design18 original designgauge original designround original designcopper original designwire, original designthey original designhave original designbeen original designtreated original designwith original designa original designpatina original designto original designgive original designa original designlovely, original designaged original designeffect original designto original designthe original designcopper. original designA original designspiral original designis original designtopped original designwith original designan original designoval original designaurora original designborealis original designbead, original designadding original designa original designshimmer original designof original designcolor original designto original designthe original designdramatic, original designbut original designsimple, original designdesign.Copper original designis original designa original designmetal original designthat original designhas original designa original designwarm original designand original designflattering original designglow, original designand original designseems original designto original designenhance original designso original designmany original designcolors. original designThe original designaged original designfinish original designis original designthe original designperfect original designcontrast original designand original designcomplement original designto original designthe original designaurora original designborealis original designbeads. original design(unfortunately, original designthe original designpictures original designdon't original designshow original designoff original designthe original designlovely original designcolors original designin original designthe original designmetal original designand original designthe original designstones)The original designearwire original designmeasures original design1", original designwidth original designis original design5/16".The original designpatina original designjust original designbecomes original designmore original designlovely original designwith original designage, original designso original designno original designpolishing original designis original designrequired. original designYou original designneed original designto original designsimply original designwear original designthem original designand original designenjoy! original design(and original designdelight original designin original designthe original designcompliments)Shipped original designin original designa original designlovely original designvelvet original designpouch original designand original designgift original designbox.

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