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accents, 14k White Sapphire 1ct Engagement Ring



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14k genuinewhite genuinegold genuineengagement genuinering. genuineNice genuinesturdy genuinesetting.1ct genuinecenter genuineis genuinea genuinegenuine genuineWhite genuineSapphire genuinefrom genuineSriLanka genuine(Ceylon)Color genuineDClarity genuineVVS/IFThere genuineare genuine4 genuineaccent genuinewhite genuinesapphires genuinemeasuring genuine3mm genuineeach. genuineThis genuinering genuinealso genuinecan genuinebe genuinemade genuinein genuineeither genuine14k genuineyellow genuineor genuinerose genuinegold.Ring genuinecan genuinebe genuinemade genuinein genuine18k genuineor genuinesterling genuinesilver genuineat genuinethe genuinemarket genuineprice.A genuinediamond genuinecan genuinebe genuineadded genuineto genuinethis genuinering genuinefor genuine$3500.00 genuineto genuine$4500.00Layaway genuineavailable.

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