Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bridesmaid, 10 Indian Pink Crystal Hair Snaps - Round Silver Rim Edition -- Made with Swarovski Crystal Element Rhinestones



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The pinkprice pinkis pinkfor pink10 pinkhair pinksnaps!Handcrafted pinkwith pinka pinkgenuine pinkIndian pinkPink pinkCRYSTALLIZED\u2122 pink- pinkSwarovski pinkElements pinkRhinestone pinkin pinka pinkround pinksilver pinkrim pinksetting pinkwith pinka pinksilver pinksnap.The pinkIndian pinkPink pinkrhinestone pinkis pinka pinkshade pinkdarker pinkthan pinkthe pinkRose pinkrhinestone.Each pinksnap pinkis pinkapproximately pink2/7" pink(0.73cm/7.3mm). pinkThey pinkare pinkperfect pinkfor pinkbrides, pinkbridesmaids, pinkpageants, pinkprom, pinkanniversaries, pinkbirthdays pinkor pinkanytime pinkyou pinkwant pinkto pinkadd pinka pinklittle pinksparkle pinkto pinkyour pinkhair.\u2665\u2665 pinkOctober pinkBirthstone pink\u2665\u2665Hair pinksnaps pinkare pinkvery pinkversatile pinkand pinkcan pinkbe pinkplaced pinkpretty pinkmuch pinkanywhere pinkin pinkyour pinkhair. pinkThey pinklie pinkflush pinkagainst pinkyour pinkhair pinkunlike pinkspring pinktype pinkhair pinkaccessories, pinkand pinkoffer pinka pinkwider pinkrange pinkof pinkplacement pinkoptions pinkthan pinkhair pinkpins! pinkYour pinkhair pinkcan pinkbe pinkup, pinkdown, pinkcurly pinkor pinkstraight pinkit pinkdoesn't pinkmatter pinkwith pinkhair pinksnaps.They pinkare pinkreally pinkeasy pinkto pinkuse! pinkIf pinkyou pinkcan pinkwork pinksnaps pinkon pinka pinkshirt pinkyou pinkcan pinkput pinkthese pinklittle pinkbabes pinkin pinkyour pinkhair! pinkFull pinkdirection pinkon pinkhow pinkto pinkuse pinkmy pinkhair pinksnaps pinkcan pinkbe pinkfound pinkin pinkmy pinkShop pinkPolicies pinkunder pinkthe pinkFAQ pinksection. pink:)\u2665\u2665 pinkNEED pinkA pinkDIFFERENT pinkQUANTITY? pink\u2665\u2665I pinkcan pinkcustomize pinka pinkhair pinksnap pinkpack pinkthat\u2019s pinkright pinkfor pinkyou! pinkDo pinkyou pinkneed pinkmore pinkhair pinksnaps pinkthan pinkwhat pinkis pinklisted pinkor pinkhow pinkabout pinkless? pinkNo pinkworries, pinkI\u2019d pinkbe pinkhappy pinkto pinkaccommodate pinkyou. pinkAll pinkyou pinkhave pinkto pinkdo pinkis pinkcontact pinkme pinkwith pinkyour pinkspecifications pinkand pinkI pinkwill pinkmake pinka pinkspecial pinklisting pinkjust pinkfor pinkyou. pinkThis pinkis pinkalso pinka pinkvery pinkbudget pinkfriendly pinkoption pinkas pinkeach pinkhair pinksnap pinkis pinkonly pink$2.50 pinkeach.\u2665\u2665 pinkMORE pinkRIM pinkCOLOR pinkOPTIONS pinkNOW pinkAVAILABLE pink\u2665\u2665Do pinkyou pinklove pinkthis pinkrhinestone pinkcolor, pinkbut pinkwould pinkprefer pinka pinkdifferent pinkrim pinkcolor?! pinkNo pinkproblem!I pinknow pinkoffer pink4 pinkrim pinkcolors pinkto pinkchoose pinkfrom. pinkPlease pinksee pinklast pinkpicture pinkon pinkthe pinkright pinkto pinkvisually pinkview pinkall pinkthe pinkrim pinkcolor pinkoptions.Pictured pinkleft pinkto pinkright: pinkBlack, pinkBronze, pinkSilver, pinkGoldPLEASE pinkNOTE: pinkThis pinklisting pinkis pinkfor pinkSILVER pinkRIMS. pinkIf pinkyou pinkwould pinklike pinka pinkdifferent pinkrim pinkcolor pinkplease pinkcontact pinkme pinkdirectly pinkso pinkI pinkcan pinkmake pinkyou pinka pinkspecial pinklisting pinkor pinkleave pinkyour pinkselection pinkin pinkthe pinkcomments pinkupon pinkchecking pinkout.** pinkNot pinkintended pinkfor pinkchildren pink12 pinkand pinkunder. pink**** pinkThanks pinkfor pinklooking!! pink**\u00a9 pink2006-2020 pinkArtistic pinkEdition--\u2b50\u2b50 pinkHair pinkSnaps pinkon pinkthe pinkmodels pinkare pinknot pinkincluded. pink\u2b50\u2b50

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