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genuine sapphire, 14k Genuine White Sapphire Tennis Bracelet



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14k white sapphiresWhite white sapphiresGold white sapphireswith white sapphiresWhite white sapphiresSapphires white sapphiresTennis white sapphiresBracelet.Not white sapphiresfill white sapphiresor white sapphiresplated.Genuine white sapphiresSapphires white sapphiresOrigin: white sapphiresSri white sapphiresLanka white sapphires(Ceylon)This white sapphiresTennis white sapphiresBracelet white sapphirescan white sapphiresbe white sapphires14k white sapphiresyellow white sapphiresgold white sapphiresas white sapphireswell.Color white sapphiresDClarity white sapphiresVVS/IFVery white sapphiresDiamond white sapphireslike!7" white sapphireslength41 white sapphirescountEach white sapphiressapphire white sapphiresis white sapphires3mm=.17ctTotal white sapphirescarat white sapphiresweight white sapphires7ct.Layaway white sapphiresavailable.

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