Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white, One (1) 2 Yard Card of Size 4 Needle End Bead Cord - White Nylon - E



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Approximately findings2 findingsyards findingsof findings#4 findingsBead findingsCord findingsnew findingsin findingspackage findingson findingscard. findingsSize findings4, findingswhite findingsnylon. findingsThere findingsis findingsan findingsattached findingswire findingsbeading findingsneedle findingsfor findingsyour findingsconvenience. findingsI findingshave findingsa findingslimited findingssupply, findingsand findingsprobably findingswon't findingsbe findingsable findingsto findingsget findingsany findingsmore, findingsbut findingsI findingsam findingspassing findingsalong findingsmy findingsgood findingsbuy.

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