Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

holly, Gold And Red Tassel Necklace On Knotted Black Silk



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The cherryred cherryglass cherryand cherrytiny cherrygold cherrybeads cherryhave cherrybeen cherryhand-knotted cherryon cherrythe cherryblack cherrysilk cherrychain. cherry cherryAt cherrythe cherrymiddle, cherryis cherrya cherrytassel cherrymade cherryout cherryof cherrywire cherryand cherryred cherrybeads. cherry cherryThe cherrytassel cherryis cherrylooped cherryon cherryone cherryside cherryof cherrythe cherrynecklace cherryand cherryrows cherryof cherrybeads cherryare cherrylooped cherryonto cherrythe cherryother cherryside. cherry cherryThe cherryred cherrybeads cherry cherryare cherryspecial cherrybecause cherrywhen cherrythe cherrylight cherryhits cherrythem cherrythey cherrylook cherryholographic. cherry cherryThe cherrynecklace cherryis cherryadjustable cherryfrom cherry25 cherryto cherry30 cherryinches.I cherryship cherryout cherryfirst cherryclass cherryin cherrya cherrygift cherrybox.

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